Is your business eligible to
send a sole rep to the UK?

As more overseas businesses look to establish a UK hub, the UK visa route which allows a single representative from an overseas business to come to the UK and set up a wholly owned UK subsidiary is becoming increasingly popular.

As part of our Sole Representative season of articles, we take a look at the criteria that must be met by overseas businesses in order to branch out to the UK via the sole rep visa route.

What does a business need to prove in order to file a sole rep visa application?

In order for your business rep to qualify for their sole representative visa (also known as a Representative on an Overseas Business visa) and establish a branch of your overseas business in the UK, you must be able to satisfy a set of criteria.

To be eligible for this visa, your business must:

  • have satisfactory motivation to establish a UK presence;
  • maintain its headquarters and principal place of business outside the UK;
  • have no other branch, subsidiary or representative already in the UK; and
  • intend to operate the UK branch or subsidiary in the same type of business activity as the overseas business.

Smith Stone Walters is a specialist UK immigration practice and our team regularly files sole rep visa applications on behalf of our clients. To find out more about our services please click here.

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