The dos and
don'ts of a sole
representative visa

As a sole representative visa holder in the UK, you have been allowed into the country in order to perform the specific task of setting up and/or running the UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of an overseas business.

As a result, you are only allowed to perform certain activities once inside the UK.

For example, a sole representative in the UK is not permitted to:

  • Take any other employment once in the UK;
  • Work any less than full-time for the overseas organisation;
  • Come to the UK with the sole purpose of studying as opposed to working; or
  • Accompany another sole representative to the UK as their secretary or personal assistant.

There are, however, many benefits of entering the UK under this category. For example, under this visa you are permitted to:

  • Pursue myriad business activities on behalf of the company you are representing in the UK;
  • Apply for leave to remain in the UK on a permanent basis; and
  • Bring your partner and/or dependants with you to the UK.

If you would like to learn more about the freedoms and restrictions of being the sole rep of an overseas business in the UK, contact our sole representative team.

We regularly prepare and submit sole rep visa applications on behalf of our clients, helping overseas organisations to establish their first business presence in the UK.

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