Has everyone in your EU
workforce applied for
settled status yet?

In order to secure their rights, EEA and Swiss citizens are required to apply for settled status through the EU Settlement Scheme. Applications are currently taking up to four days to process where no additional information is required.

To assist those EEA and Swiss nationals and their family members in applying, Smith Stone Walters has created this helpful video below. We hope you and your EU colleagues find it useful.

Our dedicated Brexit Immigration Service will enable your business to plan and budget for the forthcoming developments surrounding Brexit, both financially and operationally.

By auditing the immigration status of your EEA and Swiss workforce, we can identify current immigration issues and provide personal one-to-one support to your employees on their available options.

As part of this service, we have created an online tracker to aid our clients.

Bespoke to each business, our system manages, tracks and supports EU workers in filing for settled status and shows employers, at a glance, how many of their employees have fulfilled their obligations to date.

It also provides employers with the confidence that no EU national is left behind.

If you would like a demonstration of the EU tracker, or to discuss any other aspects of our services, then please contact us.


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