125 days of WOW from Smith
Stone Walters — and a little
clarity on Brexit

This Sunday May 5th will be the 125th day of 2019. So far this year, Smith Stone Walters has achieved amazing success for our clients, supporting them with immigration visa applications and renewals.

Mindful of the uncertainties surrounding the UK’s exit from the EU, we launched our Brexit Immigration Service in October 2018. Since then, we have been meeting the immigration needs of our clients, conducting informative sessions that reassure businesses about their employees’ duties.

Our presentations on the EU Settlement Scheme (left) have gained high praise from a number of satisfied customers.

‘It was greatly appreciated by all concerned’

‘Very many thanks for your time and advice yesterday.  It was really appreciated by the staff attending and was very informative – I’ve had some great feedback’

Thanks again for your time yesterday, we’re continuing to get very positive feedback about the session’

‘Thank you again for your time this morning. The presentation has been well received. You posed some interesting questions’

‘Feedback has been really positive’

‘Great educational Brexit session last week, much appreciated’

‘Thanks again for coming in the other day. I got very good feedback from our colleagues about the session!’

‘Thank you for your email and presentation, it was helpful for all of us’

‘I did enjoy that meeting. We all know more by now. Thank you for your time’

We have a variety of dedicated resources, including our new EU Tracker service, to help you and your businesses remain compliant with immigration law. We are on your side.

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