The EU Settlement scheme opens
tomorrow: Smith Stone Walters
can help your business

Tomorrow, the government fully launches its EU Settlement Scheme, the ambitious project to register all of the three million or so EU nationals in the UK who wish to remain living and working here. The deadline to apply is 2021.

How Smith Stone Walters can help

There is still a huge task ahead to ensure that every EU national is registered and remains compliant with the new immigration rules.

We are offering a comprehensive Brexit Immigration Service, which will remove this burden and reassure you as an individual or as an employer of a EU workforce.

You can tailor our service to your specific requirements as some of our clients have already done. The resources we are offering include:

  1. A thorough audit
    We will review the status of each of your EU employees and their dependants to demonstrate how the Settlement Scheme will affect them and their family members
  2. Bespoke presentations
    We will deliver seminar sessions to your staff tailored to meet your objectives in completing the Scheme efficiently.
  3. Settlement Scheme surgeries
    With your consent, we will provide onsite one-to-one drop-in sessions with your
    EU employees.
  4. Assistance with applications
    We will assist with submitting pre-settled and settled status applications of the EU Settlement Scheme on behalf of your workers.
  • Compliance reviews
    We will examine your organisation’s Right To Work checks and provide advice on best practice after Brexit.
  • Our unique EU Tracker
    You will be able to manage and track the progress of your EU citizens’ journey towards EU settlement via our unique EU Tracker.

Boasting a host of features, our robust and secure software platform will support both you and your EU employee through the process of applying for UK immigration status under the EU Settlement Scheme.

The EU Tracker will provide your business with a real-time overview of the current progress made by your EU staff towards settled status and ensure they apply within the permitted time.

Talk to Smith Stone Walters about how we can support your organisation and assist your EU employees in securing their long-term status in the UK.

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