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Health Surcharge to double

The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) will double from tomorrow, Tuesday 8 January 2019.

If you are making an application on or after Tuesday’s deadline, you will be subject to the increase.

The news was released late on Friday night. This has left no time for people to apply at the current rate of £200. It is currently slightly reduced for students and those on the Youth Mobility Scheme.

This announcement confirms the government’s decision to increase the mandatory fee for migrants from outside of the EU who want to live, work and study in the UK for more than six months.

A family of four, for example, arriving on a Tier 2 visa for five years will have to pay £8,000 for their IHS.

The fund is to pay for any NHS treatments they may have. Critics of the scheme point out that these migrants are effectively paying twice to access public services. They are already paying income tax which goes towards free healthcare.

Ironically, many NHS Trusts agree to pay the IHS on behalf of employees in an attempt to attract certain foreign employees to fill job shortages. Some Trusts have also set up loan schemes for those on lower wages who cannot afford to pay the charge.

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