Webinar: Maintaining Sponsor
Licence Compliance

From 1 January 2021, any UK business wishing to hire skilled workers from outside the resident labour market will need to hold a sponsor licence. A licence is a permission given by the Home Office to an organisation to sponsor migrant workers within its business.

Once granted, a sponsor licence is valid for four years. During this time, sponsors have an obligation to comply with Home Office immigration requirements, and failure to do so can result in your licence being downgranded or revoked. As compliance audits can happen at any time, it’s important for your business to take steps to ensure ongoing compliance after your licence has been granted.

With this in mind, Smith Stone Walters is delighted to present a brand new webinar session on maintaining sponsor licence compliance. Join SSW Director James Walters and Senior Account Manager Alastair Mason as they sit down to discuss some of the most common reporting issues that licence holders face when managing a migrant population, and explain how to avoid pitfalls when it comes to sponsor licence compliance.

The full video can be viewed here:

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We hope you found this webinar useful and informative. If you have any questions about applying for a sponsor licence or how to ensure ongoing compliance, Smith Stone Walters can help.

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