10,000 trees planted
in SSW's climate

Smith Stone Walters are delighted to announce that our tree planting project has reached new heights, with over 10,000 trees now taking root in the ‘SSW Forest’.

Through our partnership with Ecologi, SSW plants five trees for every visa instruction we receive. To date, we have planted a grand total of 10,350 trees thanks to our clients’ initiations. The project has also offset 50 tonnes of CO2e. That’s equivalent to:

  • 38 long haul flights
  • 150 metres squared of sea ice saved
  • 124,050 miles driven in a car.

Our funding also helps to support other climate projects run by Ecologi worldwide. So far, we have contributed towards the following global initiatives:

  • Wind power projects in Mexico, Honduras, North East Thailand and Vietnam
  • Improving the efficiency of Metro transport in India
  • Preserving Amazonian rainforest in Brazil
  • Solar power generation in Tamil Nadu and Telangana, India.

Who is Ecologi?

Ecologi is an environmental organisation based in the UK that funds reforestation projects. Ecologi works with tree planting partners who responsibly plant the trees on our behalf.

The project also provides fair-wage employment by hiring local villagers to grow, plant and guard the forest restoration sites, providing a consistent income to poverty-stricken communities.

Our climate pledge

Immigration is our business, and it’s what we do best. That’s why we have chosen to give back to the environment by planting trees for every visa instruction we receive.

Our pledge is simple: every time a client instructs us on an immigration case, we will plant five trees on their behalf. So when you or your employees uproot, engaging SSW to work on your case will have a positive impact on the environment.

Through our reforestation project, we are aiming to plant 250,000 trees by 2030.

How you can help

We would like to thank our clients for helping us to reach this exciting milestone, and we look forward to expanding the SSW forest through your continued support. If you would like to join us in making a difference to the environment, you can also set up your own Ecologi forest – just ask us how!

To find out more about SSW, the immigration services we offer or how we are working to improve our climate credentials, please contact us today.

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