New Zealand: Further details
released on the Accredited
Employer Work Visa

The government of New Zealand has published further information on the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) process, including the Job Check application component.

The Accredited Employer Work Visa is a new temporary work visa being introduced on 4 July 2022. The new visa will replace 6 work visas with a streamlined single visa process. The application process will be employer-led, and employers must be accredited to hire migrants on the new visa.

There are three steps to hiring a migrant on the Accredited Employer Work Visa:

  • Accreditation: Employers can apply for accreditation from 23 May 2022.
  • The job check: Employers can apply for a job check from 20 June 2022.
  • The AEWV application: Migrant workers may apply for an AEWV from 4 July 2022.

Getting accredited

This is a new type of accreditation. Employers will need to apply even if they have been accredited under the previous system. All employers must meet a minimum set of accreditation requirements, including:

  • being a viable and genuinely operating business
  • being compliant with employment, immigration and business regulatory standards
  • completing activities to support the settlement of migrant employees.

There are different types of accreditation depending on the business model, and in some cases the number of migrants the employer wants to hire.

Passing the job check

Once accredited, employers need to apply for a job check for each job they want to hire a migrant worker for. Multiple positions for the same job can be included in one job check if the job details are the same and are all covered by the same advertising (where required) and proposed employment agreement.

Employers holding standard accreditation may have a maximum of 5 jobs associated to them at any time. Employers with high volume accreditation will have no limit on the amount of job checks associated to their business.

The job check confirms:

  • The job pays the market rate and meets wage thresholds applicable under the relevant job check pathway.
  • The job’s terms and conditions comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards.
  • The job is for a minimum of 30 hours a week.
  • You have advertised the job to New Zealanders, if you need to, including the minimum and maximum expected pay rate and the skills or experience required.

Job check applications for positions paid less than NZD 55.52 per hour must include evidence that a labour market test has been completed. This involves advertising the job on a national jobs website or by other means that are more likely to attract suitable New Zealand citizens or residents, for at least 14 days and assessing all NZ applicants. Before the job check application is submitted, the job advertisement must be closed.

If the employer offers the job to a migrant but does not hire them, they can offer the job to another suitable applicant. They do not have to redo the job check unless it has expired.

If a Job Check fails to meet the requirements, Immigration officers may consider a waiver of specific requirements if appropriate. Alternatively, employers may apply for a reconsideration of a failed job check, within 14 days of the decision.

Job checks will be valid for a duration of 6 months or until the employer’s accreditation lapses or is revoked.

Visa application

If the job passes the job check the migrant worker can apply online for a visa.

INZ checks if the visa applicant has the skills and experience for the job, meets the health and character requirements and has a qualifying job offer and a job check number.

An approved AEWV will be granted for a maximum duration of 3 years.

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