Getting your passport back
from the Home Office

When you submit a UK visa or settlement application to the Home Office, chances are you’ll need to provide supporting documentation such as your passport when you apply.

After a decision has been made on your application, the Home Office will return your documents to you. However, if you have sent your documents with your application and you need them back urgently, you may be able to ask for them to be returned.

How you do this depends on whether you submitted your application from inside or outside the UK, and the type of application you have made. In some cases, asking for your documents back may mean you need to cancel your application. You will be told if you have to do this when you make the request.

If you applied outside the UK

If you submitted your visa application from outside the UK, you should contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to request your documents back.

You will not receive a refund if your application has been processed. You will have three months to collect your passport or travel document once you’ve been told it’s ready for collection. If you fail to collect your passport within the given timeframe, it will be returned to the authority that issues it.

If you applied in the UK

If you applied in the UK, you may be able to use the online return of documents form. If you are eligible to use the form, you will usually receive your documents back within 10 working days.

You cannot use the online form if:

  • You no longer have permission to stay in the UK
  • Your application to stay in the UK has been refused or rejected
  • You want to cancel your application to extend your stay in the UK because you now plan to leave
  • You have applied for asylum

If your application has been refused and you do not have permission to stay in the UK, you can contact the Voluntary Returns Service if you want to leave voluntarily or if you cannot use the online form. You will get your documents back at the airport.

Support with your UK visa application

If you have any questions about applying for a UK visa or need some assistance with filing your application, Smith Stone Walters is here to help.

To speak to an immigration advisor, please contact us today.

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