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This week, the Global Immigration team at Smith Stone Walters would like to highlight the following updates from the United States and Malaysia.

The US improves NIEs

The US has improved the validity of National Interest Exceptions, making it easier for holders to travel once they have successfully obtained one.

A National Interest Exception (NIE) application is a request for exemption from the US travel ban, which, if granted, authorises travel to the United States. Certain travellers can apply for an NIE if they are seeking to enter the US for specific activities that are deemed to be in the national interest.

An NIE is required for those who were present in one of the following countries, no more than 14 days before attempting to enter the US:  Brazil, China, India, Iran, South Africa, the Schengen Zone, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Previously, NIEs were only valid for a period of 30 days and for a single entry into the US. Now, any applicants are being granted a 12 month NIE, valid for multiple entries. Furthermore, those with existing NIEs will have the improved terms too, as long as their reason for entering the US remains unchanged.

Malaysia changes the documents required for EP renewals

For Malaysia based employers looking to renew the employment permits of their staff, the process has improved slightly, with now fewer documentary requirements.

Where renewals are made on the basis of the individual having the same job title and description, the CV, job description or educational certificates will no longer be required.

This change now applies to those companies registered with the Expatriate Services Division whereas previously it has only extended to those under Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation registration.

Global immigration support

If you have any worldwide immigration queries, please contact the SSW global immigration team. We are able to provide full support with the visa application process and also post–arrival assistance.

With the help of our global network, we are well equipped to navigate international law and assist with the processing of your visa, whilst ensuring that local immigration rules are met thereafter.

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