Appendix D: A guide
to record keeping
for sponsors

The introduction of the UK’s new Points-Based Immigration System has led to hundreds of businesses across the UK seeking sponsor approval from the Home Office for the first time, to enable their business to continue hiring skilled workers from overseas now that Freedom of Movement from the EU has ended.

As a result of these changes, many newly licenced sponsors are now having to manage new responsibilities and recruitment practices. Once you have successfully applied for a Sponsor Licence, it is critical for your business to understand its sponsor duties and record keeping responsibilities. Sponsor compliance is an issue that the Home Office takes very seriously, and failure to comply with the strict requirements on record keeping and reporting could result in your licence being downgraded or revoked.

Following the launch of new immigration routes under the points-based system in December, the Home Office published a series of immigration guidance documents to help businesses understand their new responsibilities. The ‘Workers and Temporary Workers: Guidance for Sponsors’ collection includes guides for employers on applying for a Sponsor Licence, sponsoring a worker and how to comply with sponsor duties.

A key part of the guidance that sponsors should pay attention to is the Appendix D. This document will help employers understand the type of evidence they must retain in relation to their sponsor licence.

What is Appendix D?

Appendix D was revised by the Home Office in December to support the full policy guidance on sponsoring workers, temporary workers or students under the Points-Based Immigration System. Appendix D lists the documents that sponsors are required to keep in order to comply with their sponsor duties.

Over the coming weeks, Smith Stone Walters will be publishing a series of articles focused on key sections of the Appendix D guidance document. Our five-part series will address some frequently asked questions from employers in the following areas:

  • Part 1: Keeping records for your sponsored workers
  • Part 2: Evidencing your recruitment activity
  • Part 3: Evidencing salary for your sponsored workers
  • Part 4: Evidencing skill level for your sponsored workers
  • Part 5: Record keeping for student sponsors

Join us next week for the first installment. In the meantime, the full Appendix D document can be found here.

Support with maintaining sponsor compliance

If you have any questions about which documents you should be retaining, or if you require support on any other area of sponsor compliance, Smith Stone Walters can help.

Our team of immigration experts can offer up-to-date advice and practical support to ensure your business is fulfilling its legal obligations and is prepared for any Home Office compliance visit.

To speak to a member of the team, please contact us today.

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