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Global immigration rules are changing by the day, both in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and as a result of legislative updates across the globe.

Smith Stone Walters is here to help businesses and individuals keep on top of these developments and identify any changes that may impact your immigration goals. With this in mind, we would like to highlight the following key updates in global immigration.

Israel: Entry ban for foreign nationals

The increase in COVID-19 cases has led Israel to go into a full lockdown. For this reason, all foreign nationals are currently banned from entering Israel as of 23 December 2020. The lockdown was initially anticipated to last for two weeks, but this has since been extended a further two weeks.

Foreign nationals who were issued entry permits during COVID-19 are exempt from this rule. Authorities may allow entry for foreign experts and dependants that are deemed essential, but otherwise will not process applications (B-1 working visas) during the lockdown period.

On arrival to Israel, these foreign nationals will be subject to a ten-day period of isolation and will be required to present two negative COVID-19 tests. Any individuals returning to Israel who have been in South Africa in the last 14 days will be required to take a test and if necessary, isolate in state-run facilities for a minimum of ten days.

Canada: Coronavirus test for air passengers

From 7 January 2020, all air travellers must test negative for COVID-19 before flying to Canada. The requirement applies to any air passengers aged five or older, regardless of citizenship. The test must be taken within 72 hours of the traveller’s scheduled departure to Canada. Other types of tests will not be accepted.

There are only a limited number of exceptions where an individual is not required to show proof of a negative test. These are:

  • Children who are four years of age or younger (children who are five on the day of their travel must have proof of a negative COVID-19 test)
  • Air crew members or a person who seeks to enter Canada only to become such a crew member
  • Transiting passengers (not entering Canada through a border port)
  • Emergency, law enforcement or border personnel
  • Specific individuals or groups identified by Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer or the Minister of Health
  • Individuals or a group of individuals that have been granted an extra-ordinary exemption from Transport Canada.

The requirements and exemptions are set out in more detail here.

The Government of Canada strongly advises Canadians against non-essential international travel at the present time. Canadians who are planning to travel abroad should consider how they would meet these requirements before departure.

In addition, the Canadian government will further increase surveillance efforts to help ensure travellers entering Canada complete the mandatory 14-day quarantine period under the Quarantine Act.

Denmark: New minimum salary rule introduced

The salary level in Denmark has increased from DKK 436,000 to DKK 445,000 for applications submitted after 1 January 2021.

This means employers of non-EU foreign nationals must increase the salary to comply with the new rule. The changes to the salary do not apply to pending applications submitted before 1 January 2021 or to renewal applications. As a general rule, benefits and allowances cannot be included in the minimum salary calculation.

Additionally, for all non-EU work permit schemes, the full salary amount must now be paid into a Danish bank account. Previously, only amounts beyond the minimum salary amount could be paid abroad.

The new requirement may have tax implications for employers. It is essential for applicants to have a civil registration number (CPR) to open a bank account, which in turn requires evidence of permanent accommodation or temporary accommodation secured for one or two months.

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