Making our clients say
'WOW' this Autumn

At Smith Stone Walters, we strive to deliver simply amazing customer service to make our clients say ‘WOW’!

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic causing immigration guidance to change by the day, our team have been working harder than ever in recent months to ensure our clients are fully supported during these uncertain times.

With this in mind, we are delighted to share just some of the great feedback our team members have received recently from our satisfied clients.


  1. “Rob has been most kind and patient with me, and helped me during the visa application process every step of the way. He is very knowledgeable and professional.”
  2. “Kaming has a pleasant and caring approach which was always welcome during my visa applications which can sometimes be a nerve-wracking process. I will continue to recommend SSW to anyone in need of visa support.”
  3. “It was an absolute pleasure. Phill made things feel so effortless and stress free. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

SSW Hong Kong

  1. “Betty has been really helpful in giving guidance throughout the process. Considering the process ran for almost six months due to the pandemic, Betty never failed to update me on anything that might be helpful in my application.”
  2. “Very good experience in my Tier 2 visa application, I’ll definitely recommend SSW to others if they need immigration help.”
  3. “Betty was very kind, supportive, and professional during the whole visa application process. Thank you very much for all the help during this period.”

SSW New York

  • Yvonne was a pleasure to work with. She was always very quick to get back to me, I never felt she was rushing me off the phone, I felt informed and taken care of. She clearly explained exactly what documents we needed, and was a huge help in filling out the application. I don’t think we would have gotten our daughter her student visa in time if it weren’t for Yvonne’s help.”
  • “Thanks very much for your help! I particularly appreciated the prompt replies even when Jack was on holiday. We had many hurdles to jump through, but having SSW guide me through all the decisions was crucial. When so much is out of your control and going badly, it was great to have a truly professional team supporting my application.”
  • “Ross went above and beyond to help me expedite my visa process. Extremely prompt with responses, very patient, considerate and I would like to thank him for making the experience so pleasant.”

SSW Mumbai

  • “Thank you very much for your constant support and guidance throughout the visa application process.”
  • “There were a huge number of unknowns in this case. Prestina had the right information at all stages and helped in escalating the case whenever the delays got too high. She was extremely professional in how this case was handled.”
  • “I want to thank Sonia for assisting me on every step of my immigration process and swiftly acting on my queries. She has good and professional attitude. Keep up the good work!”

About Smith Stone Walters

Smith Stone Walters is a global team of immigration experts delivering a wide range of visa services, including work and residence permit authorisation, in more than 100 countries worldwide. Managing the immigration process is what we do best.

We are here to guide your organisation through every aspect of both global and country specific immigration programmes. We understand the issues your organisation will encounter, and our primary focus is to facilitate employee mobility via the provision of a coordinated and compliant service.

By partnering with Smith Stone Walters, you will streamline the immigration journey, neutralise risk, and ensure that your organisation is provided with strategic solutions to any immigration based issues. Our aim is to ensure the successful cross-border passage of your international assignees.

Immigration support around the globe

With offices in key locations around the globe including London, Hong Kong, New York and Mumbai, Smith Stone Walters is well positioned to provide support to our clients around the clock, no matter where in the world they are.

To find out how we can help you, please contact us today.

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