Bringing family
to the UK on a
Sole Representative visa

Coming to the UK as a sole representative visa holder does not have to be as lonely as the ‘sole’ may first suggest.

So far in our sole representative visa series of articles we have explained what this visa category is, whether a sole representative visa is right for your overseas business,  and how to select your sole representative visa candidate from your employees.

We now turn our attention to the chosen sole representative applicant, outlining the perks and restrictions of being a visa holder in the UK. Zooming in a little closer, this week we would like to talk about the applicant’s family.

Can I bring my family with me to the UK?

Yes. If you are planning to come to the UK as the sole representative of an overseas business with the sole purpose of setting up and/or running a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of that business, then you might be glad to hear that you can apply to bring your dependant family members with you. Acquiring status as the dependent family member of a representative of an overseas business, is also a route to settlement.

If your family enters the UK with you, then they will have to wait the five years until you are eligible to settle, before they too can make an application for residency.

Your dependant partner and/or children (must be under 18) can apply to accompany you to the UK.

Wherever applications are successful, the dependant visa(s) will remain valid for the duration of the Sole Representative visa. Accompanying dependants are able to work without restriction for a UK employer within their visa’s validity period.

As part of their visa application, family members must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge for the full duration of their visa with a refund guaranteed only in the case that their application is unsuccessful.

For more information on how to approach your sole representative visa and dependant applications, contact our specialist team at Smith Stone Walters.

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