Home Secretary announces
'programme of engagement'
throughout 2019

Following his White Paper proposals in December last year for a ‘new, skills-based immigration system’, Sajid Javid has set out plans for a ‘programme of engagement’ throughout 2019.

Before the government’s new policies are phased in from January 2021, the Home Secretary will be speaking to advisory groups in the private, public and voluntary sectors as well as industry representatives.

The aim is to ensure that his new system will work effectively and delivers a ‘highly productive workforce’.

Javid’s statement says he will be building on existing business relationships both nationally and internationally. At the end of this consultation period he promises:

‘We will have full control of migration to serve the national interest, and to enable those who come to the UK to integrate and make a positive contribution to the economy and society.

‘The government will ensure that employers have the flexibility they need to deploy staff and that individuals are able to visit, live and work in all parts of the UK.’

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