Let us help your Chinese
business move to the UK

In 2013, Smith Stone Walters had five Chinese clients – now we have 80, in sectors as diverse as technology, financial services, IT and catering.

We excel in creating a rapport with our clients from around the world. We are able to explain the technicalities of immigration law in a culturally sensitive manner. Our staff are located in the UK, Mumbai, New York and Hong Kong. They are multi-cultural, work collaboratively and between them are fluent in at least 15 languages.

Nothing to hide

Many of our Chinese clients have chosen Smith Stone Walters to be their immigration advisors through the recommendation of a mutual contact. They were impressed with testimonials that praised our down-to-earth attitude, professionalism, and the fact that we have nothing to hide. Our fees are transparent and competitive, and we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

Working in two cultures with ease

We have the credentials to provide peace of mind and support on all aspects of UK immigration law.

Our advisory service is well-equipped with native Chinese speakers who have worked in the West for many years, as well as British nationals who are fluent in Mandarin. We are able to work with our clients in whichever time zone they are, and more importantly, we are capable of relating to and moving between these contrasting cultures with absolute ease in our daily work.

With our unique expertise, we have been delighted to advise our clients on their UK business immigration application cycle, as well as to assist them to satisfy the complex compliance requirements from the ever-changing UK Immigration Rules.

Smith Stone Walters takes pride in its ability to manage the UK immigration process professionally and thoughtfully for each assignee. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you, too.


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