Free movement
to the UK may
be retained

The government may soon announce plans which will continue visa-free travel to the UK for EEA nationals after it leaves the European Union.

It is reported that plans for the UK’s immigration system are due to be outlined this autumn and will uphold the principle of free movement for European Economic Area (EEA) nationals coming to the UK but require them to apply for a permit in order to work or claim benefits.

Much like the system currently in place for non-EEA nationals coming to the UK for work purposes, the number of EEA work permits would be controlled by the government and any company looking to hire an EEA national would need to apply for permission to do so.

It is also claimed that the government may decide to charge companies for employing an EEA national so as to encourage them to look towards home-grown talent when hiring new staff.

These details emerged following the publication of a position paper on Northern Ireland which stated that the UK would preserve the Common Travel Area, allowing movement across Ireland without borders.

The paper has been heavily criticised, with many claiming that Ireland will become a ‘back door to Britain’ for EEA nationals.

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