MAC investigates

The government has commissioned an independent advisory body to investigate how the UK’s post-Brexit immigration policy should be designed in order to best support the UK’s economy.

The commission will inform ‘Phase 3’ of the government’s 3-step plan to implement a fair and sustainable immigration system in the years following Brexit.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, has tasked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) with setting out current UK migration trends for both EU and non-EU migrants, including location, sector and skill levels. She has also requested the independent advisory body to forecast likely future immigration trends for the UK.

Notably, the commission includes an exploration of the effects on the UK of a reduction in immigration.

The government is interested in how a drop in migration could affect the UK’s economy and whether any potentially negative effects could be mitigated. The fact that a system which could further strangle current migration flows would even be considered at a time when the country is already suffering severe skills gaps is very worrying indeed.

The MAC’s findings will be considered alongside the government’s own research efforts when plans for a long-term post-Brexit immigration strategy are drawn up.

A year on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, this commission seems to be a long time coming. In it, Amber Rudd, expresses the government’s wish to be perceived by the public as having immigration under control as well maintaining the UK’s ‘deep and special’ relationship with the European Union and its reputation as a ‘hub for international talent’.

Smith Stone Walters will advise its clients concerning the MAC’s investigations as they develop but it is likely that the MAC will soon call upon UK businesses and all interested parties to submit their opinions and supporting evidence to inform their investigations.

Look out for news of our future UK immigration events for further updates on this and other key immigration news!

Read the full commissioning letter from Amber Rudd to the MAC here.

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