Your guide to
a compliant
Resident Labour
Market Test

Welcome to Your guide to a compliant Resident Labour Market Test !

Every UK employer is required by law to conduct a Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) before employing a non-EEA national on a Tier 2 visa.

Over the past few months we have examined the steps involved in conducting a successful RLMT and have collected this expert advice into a five-part guide which advises on how best you can conduct your next RLMT, ensuring its success and consistent compliance with the UK Immigration Rules.

So whether you are mid-way through an RLMT or about to get started, this guide can answer your questions!

Part 1 – How to conduct a Resident Labour Market Test
We introduce the Resident Labour Market Test as a requirement of hiring a Tier 2 migrant and highlight its basic components.

Part 2 – Where to advertise
It is important to place your job advertisements on the right recruitment platforms – make sure you get it right from the start!

Part 3 – How to advertise
Do your job advertisements comply with UK regulation? Make a check against the list contained in this part of the guide.

Part 4 – The recruitment process
It is not enough to post compliant job advertisements for the specified time frame, your recruitment process must also be up to scratch!

Part 5 – Record keeping duties
Last but certainly not least, we discuss the documentation you will be expected to keep on file to be able to prove that a fair and correct decision-making process was followed.

 We hope that you find this guide useful, please contact us for further advice.

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