Expanding online
application services
for EEA nationals

The online service for EEA nationals is now open to all applicants!

The Home Office online application service allows EEA nationals to apply for documents such as a Registration Certificate or Permanent Residence confirming their right to reside in the UK under European law.

Previously only single applicants who were EEA (European Economic Area) nationals were able to use this online service but a new development enables the applicant to apply online on behalf of their dependant family members at the same time.

This also means that all applicants will be able to take advantage of the European Passport Return Service (EPRS), which compliments the online application service by returning the applicant’s passport whilst their submission is being considered.

This should make it much easier for families to submit their applications as it is now possible to apply as a single unit and, if using the EPRS, retain their passports whilst the application is being considered.


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