LCCI calls for a
visa scheme

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has today published its report on a potential London-only visa scheme.

Permits, Points and Visas: Securing practical immigration for post-Brexit London addresses two main issues regarding post-Brexit immigration policy which the LCCI feel are integral to the future of London:

  1. The treatment of the 771,000 EU nationals who are currently employed within London firms: and
  2. The future migrant workers which London will need.

Using economic analysis from the Centre for Economics & Business Research (Cebr) which showed that non-UK migrant workers constitute 25% of London’s current workforce and any extension of the Tier 2 system to include EEA migrants could result in substantial economic losses, the report has made the following recommendations:

  • The Mayor of London should champion a single-issue ‘London Work Visa’ granting ‘indefinite leave to remain’ – this would reassure current EU national employees and their London employers
  • The Government should consider ‘Targeted Migration Area’ designation for the London Region within the UK Immigration system – this would manage London’s significant skills and labour requirements
  • The Government should task the Migration Advisory Committee with maintaining a separate ‘Shortage Occupation List for London’ (as Scotland has) – this would attract the skills and talent necessary to ensure the long-term sustainability of the capital’s economy
  • The Mayor of London should explore the potential for a dedicated ‘Capital Work Permits system’ – this would provide controlled access for future migrant workers and meet London employers’ need for skilled labour
  • The capital’s established business organisations (eg: LBAC) and the Office of Mayor together could seek UKVI licensing as the Work Permit Sponsorship body for the London region

Members of the Smith Stone Walters team were present at discussions leading up to the publication of this report and would be glad to answer any questions which you may have.

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