The Brexit

Smith Stone Walters offers clients the chance to prepare their organisations for the effects of Brexit with this comprehensive service.

The Brexit Immigration Service will audit the status of your EEA workforce in the UK, allowing you to plan and budget for the worst case scenario. We will also speak directly to your employees to provide support and advice on their available options.

Who is the service for?
The Brexit Immigration Service is designed for UK organisations of all shapes and sizes who employ foreign EEA nationals and want to ensure to the best of their ability the security of this workforce in the face of Brexit. The content and structure of the service is tailored to the needs and wishes of each client, and is intended to provide peace of mind.

What exactly does the Brexit Immigration Service entail?
UK immigration experts from Smith Stone Walters will present on the current state of Brexit and UK immigration law, along with the implications for EEA employees. By interacting with your staff on a one to one basis, we shall also outline the UK immigration options available to them and their families.

“We want to deliver this service in a way which suits you, and will ensure that it is tailored to your business and employee needs” – James Walters, Director at Smith Stone Walters

Why should you use this service?
This service grants your organisation the knowledge and confidence to prepare its human resources for Brexit, both operationally and financially. It will also reassure your workforce and let them know that you are on their side.

What if we choose not to use this service?
UK employers who are not looking to prepare for Brexit could risk the security of their workforce and therefore the sustainability of their business. The Brexit Immigration Service will give you and your employees the confidence to face the potential effects of Brexit head on.

What clients say about this service:
Current and past clients of this service have found it valuable in comforting and educating their workforce, whilst gaining the knowledge to plan for Brexit.

“Today’s session was really useful and answered many questions for us – thanks!”

“Many thanks for the service today, we have received a lot of positive employee feedback and will be in touch soon”

“This morning’s session was really good, we shall be booking another soon”

If you are interested in the Brexit Immigration Service please contact us to find out more, or
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