UK Visa Refusal

Procuring a UK visa can be a long and arduous journey, so it is worth spending some time beforehand to consider the pitfalls which trip up many applicants and result in a refusal at the end of the line.

To ensure that your visa does not get rejected, we advise that your supporting documentation is presented in its original state wherever possible, avoiding scanned and faxed copies. Equally, documents must be legible, as unclear documents can increase the chances of your application being refused.

Be clear about your reasons for visiting the UK, outlining the duration and place of stay and details of funds available to you during your visit. Visas are routinely refused on the grounds of insufficient information and/or evidence being presented for assessment by the visa authorities.

Be truthful. If visitors or migrants to the UK are found to have lied during the interview process or to have used falsified documents, they can be banned from entering the UK for up to 10 years.

Get it right first time. Since only certain visit visa applications carry the right of appeal against a refusal, many rejected applicants would be required to pay the full visa fee again should they want their application assessed for a second time.

Prevention is better than cure

In order to prevent the frustration of a refused visa, not to mention the time and expense wasted, it is advisable that your visa application is reviewed thoroughly by an industry professional prior to submission to the UK visa authorities.

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