and Bulgarian
– Welcome
to the EEA!

The transitional controls restricting Romanian and Bulgarian nationals’ access to the UK labour market are now finally lifted. These nationals therefore now have the same access to the labour market as a British or EEA national.

Any UK based employer intending to employ a Romanian or Bulgarian national within its organisation should retain a photocopy or electronic copy of the prospective employee’s passport and/or identity card which proves they are allowed to work in the United Kingdom. This is referred to as a ‘Right to Work’ check.

Since the current UK government is still determined to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands, it is keen to spell out that, like any other EEA national, those from Romania and Bulgaria can only stay in the UK for more than 3 months if they are exercising treaty rights as a worker, student, self employed or self sufficient person. Those not working or seeking work must be able to support themselves and their families and must have comprehensive medical insurance.

For further information on hiring overseas nationals and the associated duties all employers must adhere to, please contact Smith Stone Walters today.

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