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Smith Stone Walters is here to help support businesses and individuals achieve their immigration goals. Our service extends to maintaining a keen eye on legislative updates from across the globe and sharing these news items socially. With this in mind, we are pleased to deliver the following key updates in global immigration – for free!

Singapore – dependants to require their own work passes

Starting 1 May 2021, Dependant Pass holders in Singapore will have to ensure they have their own work passes in order to take up employment. This includes categories such as Employment Pass, S Pass or Work Permit.

The rationale behind this change is to limit the hiring of foreign nationals and to encourage employers to seek workers from the resident talent pool.

The current Letter of Consent (LOC) scheme allows Dependant Pass holders to work without the need for the above applications. Existing LOCs will remain valid, but will equally not be able to be renewed.

Verification Programme for Skilled Workers in Saudi Arabia

The Professional Verification programme, introduced on 8 March 2021 looks to ensure skilled workers have the necessary skills to carry out their role.

To achieve this, authorities have split the programme into 2 arms:

  • A test to be taken in the country of origin before moving to Saudi Arabia.
  • A test taken in Saudi Arabia for existing workers.

Both approaches are to be rolled out gradually with the tests in Saudi Arabia coming into force from July 2021. Employers are advised to keep abreast of developments and understand when their workforce will be required to sit such tests.

Dependant status severely restricted in Russia.

In what comes as a significant change, Russia has moved to prohibit dependants for work permit holders unless the main applicant is under the Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) Permit.

The only option now available to dependants other than those linked to a HQS Permit holder is to enter under a Guest Visa where their time in Russia is limited to 90 days in any 180 day period.

Existing dependant visa holders can remain in Russia, but will be unable to extend their status further. Employers and individuals alike should plan for future extensions accordingly and confirm eligibility for the HQS Permit if a greater number of employees will be using the route.

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