Resident Labour
Market Test -
how to advertise

Part 3 of ‘Your guide to a compliant Resident Labour Market Test’

An integral part of a Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) is accurate and clear job advertisements.

In order for your advertisements to be sufficiently compliant with the UK Immigration Rules, the information they hold must be clear, specific, and designed to identify the most suitable candidate for the role.

The following details must be included in the adverts:

  • Job title – This must exactly match the job title that will subsequently be used in the individual’s employment contract
  • Salary – A salary range can be given but you must pay the migrant worker an amount from within that range
  • Advertisement posting and closing dates – These must be clearly displayed and outline a minimum period of 28 days*
  • Company name – Where a recruitment agency arranges your advertising and your company name is not displayed in the advert, both a copy of the contract and a recent invoice between you and the recruitment agency should be kept on file
  • Location of the job
  • Job description – This must include main duties and responsibilities, along with any skills, qualifications and experience which are required for the role – be as accurate and detailed as possible to ensure that only suitable candidates will apply

*If the role is being advertised as part of a rolling recruitment programme, the advertisement must also show the period of the recruitment programme.

It is important to ensure that any ‘soft skill’ listed in the job description is accurately described and justifiably necessary to performing the role in question. It is also key that you are able to measure and evidence whether or not a candidate has these ‘soft-skills’ during the recruitment process.

BEWARE! Once a job advertisement has been posted you should not amend it in any way. If an advert needs to be corrected then you may have to re-advertise the role completely.

Look out for Part 4 where we will focus on the compliant advertisement process.


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